Residence Areas


Residence Areas – Rooms

Τhe Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture offers every season of the year new, luxurious, fully equipped rooms, apartments , suites for short or long residence in the island. We address to interested  visitors, artists, scientists, researchers,students, art schools, art institutions, artists groups, visitors groups, students groups up to 20 persons. Under specific arrangement we accept groups up to 60 persons, with special hotel accommodation offers .

All the areas of the complex are safe for children and people with special needs.

Always visitors have included offer of basic goods as coffee, tea, drinking water, soft drinks, bread, biscuits,snacks. Under arrangement are offered programs of excellent local food, dinners or banquets, as well surprise events in cooperation with a  local cook, in cases of groups up to 15 persons.

We offer to our visitors-residents  the opportunity to live into a comfortable and friendly, as well alive, world of art, keeping their personal and artistic independence. If you are an artist, painter, sculptor, designer, photographer, cinematographer, poet, creator of any kind, you have the opportunity to meet artists in the same fields and to create new works, inspired from the island.

If you belong to an artists team as an orchestra, a chorus ,a ballet, a performing group welcome as a person or as a team, to have relaxing holidays and the same time to keep  on your rehearsals program, using the theater area of the Center, equipped with professional light and sound systems. You always have an open invitation to show your art work to the island’s audience.

If you are an art teacher or a scientist, welcome for co-operation in  fields as  education and art projects.

Any creative activity in Art,Research or Education  is supported, promoted, enrolled to the Center’s program.

If you are an independent traveller ,nature lover, visitor of the island, live the experience of discovering a new land of beauty. Visit the unique natural sites, lakes, caves, mountains.

Visit the nearby eastern, all seasons sunny, calm and warm beaches, Ammes, Abythos, AIhelis, Makris gialos, Platis gialos.

If you are interested in Arts , Archaeology, History, Architecture, Environment you are in the place to be.You are into the History and the Art of Kefalonia and Ithaca.


Welcome to the Ionion Center’s for the Arts and Culture residence areas.

For residence are offered into the Center:

  • Luxurious rooms for 1, 2, 3, 4 persons fully equipped, with kitchen.
  • Luxurious apartments for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 persons fully equipped, with kitchen.
  • Luxurious suite for one to four persons with autonomous bedroom, baths, kitchen, desk, dinning-living room, veranda with open view to the Ionian Sea and  daily care from experienced personnel.

Out of the Center, in 50 meters distance, in a co-operating hotel:

  • Luxurious hotel rooms, plus special hotel accommodation services, including swimming pool, garden bar, offered  in special prices for our visitors.
  • Children room is offered under arrangement without cost.


Residencies price range depending on the season of the year and the type of the housing preferred ( accommodation into the Center, in a co-operating hotel, apartment, villa, swimming pool or tennis area included, simple or complicated studio apartment ,choice of a very near the beach room-studio e.t.c). All the cooperating with the Center accommodation facilities, hotels, villas, rooms, are offering discount prices especially for our visitors.

(The following price details concern only housing accommodation into the Center, prices  not changing  during  the year 2014.Non educational  programs or art projects or tuition fees are connected to the offers below).

Prices for accommodation facilities into the Center’s area vary:

  • One, two or three person’s room-studio-bathroom, full breakfast included: 36 euro for a day – night.For a full month the fee is redused in the amount of 1000euro.
  • One (or two) person’s room-studio, bathroom, kitchen, full breakfast included: 60 euro for a day – night. For a full month the fee is offered in the amount  of 1650 euro.
  • One (or two) person’s apartment, studio, bathroom, kitchen, breakfast included: 70 euro for a day –night.For a full month the fee is redused in the amount of 1950 euro.
  • Suite (for one to four persons),studio, kitchen, bathrooms, dining – living room, desk, veranta with view to the Ionian Sea, breakfast and special daily service included: 120 euro for a day – night, 800 euro for a week, 1600 euro for two weeks.


Special prices are offered for universities, colleges and schools, faculties,  school departments, artists or independent groups, visiting the Center for any reason, educational or not, the offer includes :

1 week arrangement for 10 persons and over group. For a single person , full housing accommodation, food – two meals every day – and free use of the exhibition areas and the theater of the Center for exhibitions, presentations, performances, lectures, educational or other use, plus a day tour in the island and delivery from and to the port or airport, the cost is 850  euro.

note: in all the above prices is not included the taxis 23% to be added upon official invoice .