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Craig Dongoski at IonionCenter for the Arts and Culture July 2012

Craig Dongoski  at IonionCenter for the Arts and Culture July 2012

Art exhibition  11- 21 July 2012, official presentation  19 July 2012 , 21.oo , open invitation

// My plan is to produce drawings on terrestrial/geological samples of Kefalonia.

I am particularly interested in making drawings on top of photographs

of the earthquake in Kefalonia 1953//.

Craig Dongoski

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The Giant Sea Cave Excavation

July 20 – 31, 2012

Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, Greece

The Giant Sea Cave Excavation
The Giant Sea Cave Excavation

In the summer 2011, Pamela Longobardi (US) swam to a massive sea cave from Liakas with Maria Rigatou (GR). It was immense and filled with many pieces of plastic, some very large. The two women swam out several large bags of material and large plastic objects. For Drifters Project/Kefalonia Phase II, Longobardi plans to clean the entire cave with a team of swimmers and to remove all the material and transport it to the Ionion Art Center to document, analyze and create a single large-scale art installation in the gallery.

In July 2012 the materials will be floated out of the cave as a giant raft of plastic, a floating island chain transported by swimmers – Pamela Longobardi herself and Claudia Lamas Cornejo (GE/PE), a Berlin-based culture manager and curator of the environmental exhibition project PACKET-SOUP.

This action will be documented by underwater and above water video to create a film that will be projected in the gallery with the array of plastic that is removed and sorted.

A forensic study will be done of the modern-day archeology of the cave, with statistical analysis, object identification of all components, and presentation of the findings.

The artist and Plastic Pollution Coalition founder Dianna Cohen (US) will in addition display her abstract paintings made of plastic bags in half of the gallery space.

Pamela Longobardi

Artist and Professor of Art (* October 1, 1958 in Glen Ridge NJ, USA)

Pam Longobardi’s work encompasses multiple mediums from painting, to photography and installation to address the psychological relationship between humans and the natural world. Her artwork was and is shown at numerous solo and group exhibitions all over the world (e.g. Venice Biennale 2009). In 2006, upon discovering the vast hoards of plastic the ocean regurgitates on remote beaches, she founded the Drifters Project, creating environmental interventions and exhibitions in Hawaii, Alaska, Costa Rica, China, Italy and Greece.  Her work has been shown recently at Nouveau Musee National de Monaco, Gallery Diet in Miami, and Savvy Contemporary in Berlin.

Claudia Lamas Cornejo

Curator and Culture-Manager (* October 16, 1983 in Munich, Germany)

Since the foundation of SAVVY Contemporary, Claudia Lamas Cornejo is responsible for Management and Public Relations as well as for fundraising exhibition and performance projects at this non-profit space in Berlin-Neukolln. She participated as a media- and press-manager in numerous national and international exhibitions and publications. In 2012 she curated the exhibition PACKET-SOUP, an environmental exhibition project about plastic pollution. She has completed a B.A. in Intercultural Communication and a Master of Culture and Media Management at the Freie Universitat Berlin.

Dianna Cohen

Artist and Founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition (* May 13, 1965 in Los Angeles CA, USA)

Dianna Cohen is a Los Angeles-based multimedia visual artist, painter and curator. She is best known for her works using recycled plastic bags ranging from small hanging pieces to room-sized installations. In 2007, Cohen expanded into making wearable art pieces using recycled materials. Solo shows include Post, Art Affairs gallery in Amsterdam, the Sutton Gallery in Melbourne, and Frank Pictures in Santa Monica, CA. She has shown in group exhibitions at Affirmation Arts in NYC, the Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, the Bronx Museum in NYC and the Tampa Museum of Art in Florida and many other places around the world.

Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture is the only Arts and related Sciences Institute on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

It forms a broad and effective program of innovative activities in Arts and Sciences and announces and supports projects in Arts and Sciences in all disciplines. Exhibitions, presentations, art events and festivals, educational programs and research are into the activities program.

The Giant Sea Cave Excavation

Plastic Polution Coalition
Plastic Polution Coalition

Drifters Project
Drifters Project

savvy contemporary
savvy contemporary


Metamorphic Kefalonia, by Petra Matuskova

Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

June 1st-10th, 2012

Metamorphic Kefalonia, Petra Matuskova
Sculpture, Petra Matuskova

Petra Matuskova, an artist from the Czech Republic, currently in Residency with the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, will be presenting her Exhibition entitled “Metamorphic Kefalonia” at the center, between June 1st-10th.

Artist Statement

My project is about connecting “Metamorphialism” (my method of creation) and components, attributes and symbols which are characteristic, specific and unmistakeable for certain country, its culture and history, in this case Kefalonia/Greece. I am going to present my idea through sculptures and drawings.

Artist Website

Petra Matuskova

For more information, please contact the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture.


Personal Exhibition by Costas Evangelatos at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

Costas Evangelatos - Conceptual Variations

The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture is proud to present the Personal Exhibition by artist Costas Evangelatos, titled “Conceptual Variations”. Opening on Wednesday, May 16th 2012, 20:30.

About the Artist

Artist and art theorist

Costas Evangelatos was born in Argostoli Cefalonia-Greece ( Nov.1957).

He studied law at National University of Athens, painting and aesthetic theory of modern art in  Manhattan N.Y (University The New School). From 1986 until 1993 he was the artistic director of the DADA Gallery in Athens, and in 1990 founded the modern art group ART STUDIO “EST”.

Along with painting, has worked internationally in the fields of Performance, Body Art, Happening and Mail art. He has presented sections of his works in solo exhibitions in Athens, Rochester, New York City, Thessaloniki, Arezzo, Avignon, Chantilly, Paris, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Nicosia, etc.

He has participated in many group exhibitions and international artistic meetings in Paris, Barcelona, Warsaw, Gothenburg, Amiens, Rome, Moscow, Santiago, Buenos – Aires, New York, Los Angeles, etc. They have been published also books of him, aesthetic essays, poems in seven editions (“Apopeira” editions, Athens), lithographic works : bodygraphics (dada art gallery, Athens and  BOA Editions N.Y), Conceptualizations, (galerie “F”), art books, calendars, poetry collections, etc.

He has lectured on art issues in Greece and abroad. He is  member of scientific and artistic organizations and a senior member of the Greece’s Chamber of Fine Arts(1991).

His works are in collections of art, as in the Art Institute of the Central Bank of Greece, the “Museum of the City of Athens”, the  Gallery of the Art History Museum in the National University of Athens, the –Macedonian Fine Art Union, the Gallery  of the Macedonian Studies Society, the Municipal Gallery of Athens, the American College of Greece (ACG ART COLLECTION), the Photographic Archive of the Benaki Museum, the headquarters of the Greek Army Navy , the Art  Foundation of Archbishop Makarios in Nicosia, the collection of Patriarchate of Alexandria, the Corfu Reading Society, the Ionian University in Corfu, the Municipal Gallery of Corfu, the Greek Embassy in Paris-France, the Greek and the Cypriot Consulate in Paris, the University FORDHAM at Lincoln  Center, New York , as well as in foundations and many private collections in Greece, France and U.S.A.

Artist’s Website

Costas Evangelatos


Autumn Patricia Ahn Exhibition: Obliged Nostro

"Carousel" φωτογραφίες από γλυπτό εξωτερικού χώρου της Autumn Ahn.
"Carousel" photos of outdoors sculpture by Autumn Ahn.

Autumn Patricia Ahn Exhibition: Obliged Nostro

Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

19th-28th October, 2011


The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture is pleased to announce the Autumn Patricia Ahn Exhibition, titled “Obliged Nostro”.  Opening at the Center on October 19th, 20:00. A reception will follow the Opening. The Exhibition will remain open until October 28th – visiting hours 10:oo-13:oo, Monday-Friday.

In Autumn’s words:

“Obliged, Nostro.

Where does myth end and history begin? Our dreams become memories and only a retelling of our stories provide guidance in these modern times. The insular atmosphere of the island lifestyle avoids the global influx of rapid machine-oriented communication. The island’s lineage has always been known to wander to see what the world can offer and I have found that, true to their Homeric past, many Kefalonians come back home.

The works reference the existence and evolution of traditions and images that have survived passing generations. These clues are in the language, in signage, exchanges in conversation, in attire, in demographic, new roads, new land concerns, political exchange, etc. I question how those symbols of culture exist today and whether the context has altered its meaning.

Kefalonia is a place where nostalgia is alive. I came here to experience a different culture and through temporary immersion I can relate to the way of life here only through symbolism. The compressed experience is reflected in my work. My work is a culmination of documentation transforming events in the present into decorative vehicles for reflecting upon the past.”

Artist’s Website

Autumn Ahm